So, why a credits page? Well, everything I make or use is either going to use assets from the public domain; creative commons with attribution/general permission granted; or not sourceable. The last bit is important, if I use anything whatsoever in the things that I make that I could not find a source for or obtain permission for? Let me know and I will immediately provide credit or remove the creation.

So, with that out of the way, on to the credits. Specifically for the stamps on my left sidebar, not every Pokémon has a Generation 5 Style Sprite, so I had to dig for ones that I could use.

All names in the credits section will be linked to the creator's respective pages, whether they be deviantart/neocities/etc.

My banner and background were both made by me in Photoshop using Public Domain images.

Since I have switched to autoplay music for my pages, song credits are as follows.

Anything else that I create, I will update this page with appropriate credits. I also plan on having a page dedicated to my stickers and other things so stay tuned!