The Bear House

Hello and welcome to my little, I have no idea, away from... Youtube? Discord? Everywhere else. Let's start off by getting the important stuff out of the way, I am a Trans Gal and on the Autism Spectrum.

I have a Youtube channel where I do a variety of let's plays and the odd tutorial, maybe more in the future. The theme is... Chill vibes and long videos, because short form content is unsatisfying; and Youtubers are too bombastic these days.

I am also exceptionally experienced in Photoshop (Older, perpetual license), and not half bad with Vegas Pro. The reason I use Vegas Pro over DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere is pretty simple, its flexibility is unrivaled and the User Interface was made for humans. The built in DAW is also pretty neat. Oh, and a knock specifically at Adobe here, I like owning my software; not renting it.

I'm currently making a game, as well; a Pokemon fan game using Essentials specifically; more details will come eventually, if I deem it safe to. Because, you know, Nintendon't loves their fans.

Also there's autoplay music on every page of my site going forward, to the left of your address bar you should be able to toggle it on and off (permissions button), at least with Firefox; I can't speak for Chromium. But, you should be using Firefox any way!

Oh, I guess I should mention... Maybe theme? Well, if you can't tell, I am really in to bears. You've probably already figured out I am a furry as well if you hovered over my sona to the left. I don't know entirely what I am gonna regularly update this with once I finish getting everything built, so we'll see.

Why Windows XP and not 98 with the layout? I'd be a liar if I claimed most of my youth was spent on 98 and not XP, XP just has a bit more nostalgia value for me.

Best viewed in Firefox. Works fine on Chromium, but the scrollbars are funky. Site is optimally viewed at 1080p, I chose this specifically due to it being the most statistically likely resolution someone's display will be.